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Mathematics Degree Overview

Mathematics Degree Overview

Mathematics provides an excellent means for developing strong analytical and critical-thinking skills which are applicable in a wide range of highly rewarding careers from education to industry.

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
The bachelor of science in mathematics comprises core areas in algebra (number systems, equations, discrete structures), analysis (functions, limits, continuous processes), geometry (space, shape, form) and associated generalizations and abstractions. The major is recommended for students interested in a flexible option of careers or graduate study in mathematics.

Bachelor of Science - Actuarial Mathematics Concentration
Actuarial mathematics concentration resides within the bachelor of science in mathematics program. It prepares students for the actuarial profession, the discipline that applies mathematical and statistical methods to assess risk in the insurance and finance industries. All courses for this concentration may not be available at Kent State Stark.

Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics - Applied Mathematics Concentration
The bachelor of science in applied mathematics emphasizes the tools most useful in science, engineering and technology applications: mathematical modeling, scientific computing and probability and statistics. Of the four concentrations within the B.S. in applied mathematics at Kent State, only the applied mathematics concentration can be completed at Stark, provided a few courses are taken at the Kent Campus. This concentration emphasizes the classical aspects of the discipline, which are rooted in mathematical modeling and applications in the sciences. It couples well with physics as a minor or double major. All courses for this concentration may not be available at Kent State Stark.

Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics
The bachelor of arts in mathematics requires fewer analytical and advanced courses than the bachelor of science. It can be used as a stand-alone program, although the bachelor of science is more recommended and most popular as such, but it is also recommended as a supplement to other programs. For example, as a supplement to the integrated mathematics major within education, it can lead to faster advancement within the secondary education profession.

Mathematics Minor
The mathematics minor offers study in several areas of pure mathematics and can be combined with several majors, including those in science and education.

Applied Mathematics Minor
The applied mathematics minor offers course in several areas of mathematics that are applicable to sciences and can be combined with science majors.  

Mathematics Degree Requirements
The requirements and links to road maps for the above-listed mathematics majors and minors can be found at the Department of Mathematical Sciences webpage on Degree Requirements.

Rotation Plan for Upper-Division Mathematics Classes at Kent State Stark
Stark mathematics majors should consult this tentative plan in order to adjust their schedules to it.