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Course Reserves

In addition to the online reserves listed below, you can search for all materials on reserve at the library's circulation desk, using Kentlink.

If your instructor is using Eres, go to the Eres website to find your course reserve materials (remember you will need the password provided by your instructor for that course).

The following electronic articles have been placed on reserve by faculty. All of the articles can be accessed from computers at Kent State Stark. If you using a computer off campus, you may not be able to access some of these articles.

Fall Semester 2014

Carbonell, Joel
Course Name:
U.S. Foriegn Policy/ Comparative Politics / World Politics
Course Number:
POL 40830 / POL 10004 / POL 10500
"Rethinking the National Interest" by Condoleezza Rice
    "The Origins of War in Neorealist Theory" by Kenneth N. Waltz
    "Liberal talk, realist thinking" by John Mearsheimer
     "The Cuban Missile Crisis and Politics as Usual" by Timothy McKeown

"Military Force in the Foreign Policy of the Eisenhower Presidency" by Richard M. Saunder

"The Reagan Strategy of Containment" by Fareed Zakaria

"America's Middle East grand strategy after Iraq: the moment for offshore balancing has arrived" by Christopher Layne

"Power and Satisfaction in the United Nations Security Council" by Barry O'Neill

"The Unipolar Illusion Revisited" by Christopher Layne

"International Relations Theory and the Second Korean War" by David Kang

"Capitalism and Democracy" by Gabriel A. Almond

"Democracy as a Universal Value" by Amartya Sen

The Rise of Illiberal Democracy, by Fareed Zakaria

The Third Wave: Democratization in the Late Twentieth Century, pages 2-27 and 34-46 by Samuel P. Huntington (this is an electronic book)

"Who Influences U.S. Foreign Policy?" by Lawrence R. Jacobs and Benjamin I. Page

"Democracy and state environmental commitment to international environmental treaties" by Joel R. Carbonell and Juliann E. Allison

Johnson, Wayne
Course Name:
Child Psychology
Course Number:
PSYC 20651
The Power to Divide by Rick Weiss
    The Blank Slate by Steven Pinker
    The Perception of Smiling and Its Experiential Correlates in Three--Month--Old Infants by April Kuchuk
    A National Parenting Policy by Jack C. Westman
    Sex differences in human neonatal social perception by Jennifer Connellan et. al
    High Stakes Are for Tomatoes by Peter Schrag
    Sex Differences in Children's Risk-taking Behavior by Harvey Ginsburg and Shirley M. Miller
    Debating the Impact of Television and Video Material on Very Young Children: Attention, Learning, and the Developing Brain by Mary Courage and Alissa Setliff
    Informing the ADHD Debate by Aribert Rothenberger et. al.
    Parents or Pop Culture? Children's Heroes and Role Models by Kristen J. Anderson and Donna Cavallaro