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Faculty Information

Quality of education in the academic community is determined by a wide variety of factors. Cooperation between the faculty and the bookstore has a strong influence upon that quality. The faculty and bookstore should consider themselves to be partners in this area of education and strive to enhance the quality of education through this relationship. With this goal in mind, the bookstore has made a commitment to provide the following services:
  1. Handling all textbook orders with efficiency and promptness.
  2. Have reference materials available for your use in locating book information.

Textbook Considerations

A student's first experience buying books is usually as a college freshman, and the cost of these texts are often staggering. By giving your text requisitions careful consideration as to actual need and use of each text requested, you can counter-balance the negative attitude toward book purchases. Unsold textbooks create double transportation charges, loss from certain non-returnable titles and wasted overhead spent in ordering, receiving and processing the return of unsold texts.

Textbook Requisition Forms

Please keep the following benefits in mind when submitting your requisitions:
  1. Early requisition ensures realistic time frames for editing, planning and buying used books before purchasing new textbooks.
  2. Early requisition helps the bookstore to identify special problems and new text editions.
  3. For the faculty, early requisition ensures sufficient lead time to accommodate publishing delays, adjustments for later editions, searches from other sources and correction of errors.
  4. For the students, early requisition ensures that the bookstore will be able to pay top dollar for used textbooks at book buyback. This also gives students a larger selections of used books to choose from.
  5. Early requisition allows the bookstore to research rental and ebook options in order to help mitigate the student cost of textbooks.

  1. Fill out your form completely, including title, author, publisher and ISBN. Indicate whether your text will be required or optional. If your order includes a publisher package or CD software, please indicate what is included in the package. (The publisher should be able to supply the ISBN for that specific package.)
  2. If you will NOT be ordering a text for your course, please indicate this on your form.
  3. If you use a course packet, please indicate this on your form and make sure the bookstore receives the master copy at least four weeks before the semester begins. This allots the bookstore ample time to copy and process the packets for the students.

Additional information concerning Textbook Requisitions:

  • The buyback list the bookstore posts is taken directly from your orders. If your order is submitted late, your text may not make it on the list for buyback. The more used books we buyback the quicker we can put the title out on the shelf for the semester. This ensures that we will have books available for students regardless of the problems we may encounter with publishers.
  • Consider your designation of required or optional. This determines how many copies the bookstore will order.